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We launched in November 2021 with a goal to become the most unique, built-to-last, and effective NIL entity in the country. Garnet Trust creates experiences between the fan base, student-athletes, and businesses, and we use NIL deals like the following to do so:

• Sponsored interviews
• Fan events
• Video messages
• Written content
• Social endorsements
• Promotional opportunities

It’s that simple. And it’s legal and compliant.

Become a member today and don’t miss your chance to get closer to USC athletes and lettermen and make a lasting impact.




Garnet Trust members have unique opportunities to meet, interact with, and hear from their favorite athletes through content made possible by NIL opportunities.


Fans, businesses, athletes, and lettermen can now interact like never before through the power of NIL. Fans get experiences, athletes prepare for life after sports, businesses leverage the power of endorsements, and lettermen can stay engaged for a lifetime.


The bonds that are created at the University of South Carolina last a lifetime. We are more than just a “NIL collective.” It’s a family. It’s forever.


It’s a facilitator between the players and the business or fans that has never happened. It’s something that can benefit both sides.

Ryan Brewer
Former RB/WR

The fan support in Garnet Trust is so essential to all of us student-athletes. For me, as a female athlete, it’s a huge opportunity because it helps us continue to level the playing field. We don’t always have the same financial opportunity to continue playing the game we love.

Catherine Barry
Women's Soccer

I encourage all hardcore fans to join Garnet Trust, if financially able. Just as important, share with other fans using social media, message boards, and email. Tell everyone about this great organization.

Dakereon Joyner
Wide Receiver
University of South Carolina

Garnet Trust has been the best thing for me since NIL began. Garnet Trust and its members have been a game changer in the lives of athletes.

MarShawn Lloyd
Running Back
University of South Carolina

We have been blown away by the response to our Garnet Trust sponsorships. Not only have we seen our social media and website activity increase drastically, but we are gaining opportunities for new business and we are just getting started. More importantly, it’s providing our brand a new avenue for marketing that also supports the development of USC athletic programs.

Barry Bodiford

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