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Garnet Trust signs Spencer Rattler to NIL agreement

Written by Garnet Trust

Garnet Trust has signed South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler to a multi-month content and endorsement agreement, it was announced on Tuesday.

“Spencer Rattler is one of the most recognizable athletes not only in college athletics, but in all of sports,” said Brian Shoemaker, CEO of Garnet Trust. “His personality and ability to connect with fans makes him a natural fit to work with in Columbia.”

Garnet Trust completed the deal with Rattler’s agent for name, image, and likeness representation, Chris Cabott of Steinberg Sports & Entertainment.

As part of the deal, Rattler will partner with Garnet Trust on social media and will also provide exclusive content and experiences: an interview series throughout the year, a private virtual meet and greet for Garnet Trust members, an in-person appearance, and more.

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Garnet Trust is the platform for fans and businesses to connect with University of South Carolina student-athletes through name, image, and likeness deals. Garnet Trust is not affiliated with the University of South Carolina. Learn more about Garnet Trust at

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