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Here’s your chance to learn more about the South Carolina baseball program and its student-athletes. Through Garnet Trust, South Carolina fans and businesses can view athlete NIL initiatives and connect with them like never before.

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In April of 2022, it was announced that every eligible and currently enrolled University of South Carolina student-athlete would be offered a name, image, and likeness (NIL) contract by Garnet Trust. Over 500 student-athletes participate in intercollegiate sports at the University of South Carolina.

We simultaneously launched Garnet Trust Connect, a robust directory featuring current South Carolina student-athletes. Here’s more about the directory and the deal! Please note that Connect is just one of many NIL opportunities offered to South Carolina athletes by Garnet Trust.

What is the NIL deal USC athletes are getting?

Participating student-athletes that opt into the agreement will be offered compensation for rights to their name, image, and likeness as well as social media promotion. Those individuals will also be given the option to become ambassadors, giving student-athletes commission earnings based on tracked membership referrals. Athletes will also have further opportunities in the future to earn compensation through their directory pages.

What is on the Garnet Trust Connect directory?

Listings for athletes will house biographical information as well as links to name, image, and likeness (NIL) initiatives, charitable causes, plus fan and business engagement opportunities.

How can South Carolina fans get involved?

Garnet Trust is for all serious Gamecock fans. You can become a supporter by purchasing a membership. And you can become an advocate by telling other serious Gamecock fans.

What are players saying about it?

Dakereon Joyner: “I encourage all hardcore fans to join Garnet Trust, if financially able. Just as important, share with other fans using social media, message boards, and email. Tell everyone about this great organization.”

MarShawn Lloyd: “Garnet Trust has been the best thing for me since NIL began. Its members have been a game changer in the lives of athletes.”

How are the deals funded?

NIL deals offered are entirely funded from fan memberships and business sponsorships. THANK YOU to all our current and future members!

How can South Carolina student athletes get involved?

In order to qualify, student-athletes must be in good academic standing per University of South Carolina NIL policy. All agreements will be contracted to meet state of South Carolina law and university policy, and we have partnered with leading NIL compliance solution provider Athliance for the disclosure process. Deals will be automatically disclosed to the University of South Carolina by Athliance, eliminating that step for student-athletes.

Athletes interested in joining the platform can email