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More about Garnet Trust:

What is Garnet Trust? How does it work? How are we assuring that funding is compliant? We answer your questions below. Have a question you don’t see answered? Reach out to us: Ready to join? Go here.

Is Garnet Trust affiliated with the University of South Carolina?

No, we are not affiliated with the University of South Carolina. However, we work closely with the athletic department to ensure that our deals with student-athletes are fully compliant with USC and NCAA NIL policies and guidelines.

What type of NIL opportunities exist for student-athletes, and how are they are decided?

Garnet Trust creates experiences and connections between University of South Carolina student-athletes, Gamecocks fans, and businesses. Utilizing their NIL, student-athletes are paid to make media appearances, autograph items, attend events, endorse products, post social media messages, and more.

Garnet Trust works with student-athletes who have indicated they want to take advantage of NIL opportunities.

To date, Garnet Trust has primarily worked with football student-athletes, although we have worked with student-athletes of every varsity sport at USC.

How can I access Garnet Trust content and/or events?

Some Garnet Trust content is published by our media partner Other content is sent to members from student-athletes such as video messages and newsletters. Access to autographs and in-person events is also possible, depending on your membership level.

Can I request content or opportunities with certain student-athletes?

We are always open to content creation ideas; drop us a line at

What percentage of membership revenue goes to NIL deals?

At least 90% of membership revenue – after credit card fees – goes directly to student-athletes. The percentage fluctuates monthly based on operating expenses as well as costs related to fulfilling NIL deals. No compensation is paid to Garnet Trust management or ownership.

Are membership funds tax deductible?

If you’re an individual and would like to make a tax-deductible charitable donation, please contribute to our sister organization Garnet Trust Foundation

If you operate a business, consult with a tax professional for any potential tax advantages related to NIL and advertising.


How can I pause, cancel, or change my membership?

Email us at and we will be glad to assist. You don’t have to make a phone call or participate in an online chat. You can also go to this link to self-manage.


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